Case Study: Balcón Verde de Punilla


Project Description

Balcón verde de Punilla is a project of an urban nature reserve and eco-habitat for ecologically sustainable development based on permaculture design. The proposal is to design a space immersed in nature for the preservation and enhancement of the virgin forest, flora and fauna. Balcón verde promotes a community paradigm based on the culture of life to Live Well. This way of life is embodied in the daily practice of respect, balance and harmonious relationships with all, understanding that everything in life is interconnected, interdependent and interrelated. Within this space we will build the Natural Earth Ecocenter with a permanent school of sustainability and quality of life. It is planned that it will be a space for learning about conscious sustainable living that is open to the community and its neighbors.

Project Details

Country: Argentina

Programme: EDE Argentina

Year: 2013


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