Case Study: Comunity Céu Do Cruzeiro Do Sul


Project Description

Located in Rio Grande do Sul State, Viamão City, Brazil, the Community fo the Southern Sky has at its centre the doctrine of Santo Daime; the Church is its most sacred space. 35 residents attend the temple and contribute to community maintenance while an additional 59 people are affiliated to the Church and are devotees to the doctrine.

The Doctrine of Santo Daime is based on the expansion of consciousness in the spiritual context of mystical ecstasy and through the ingestion of a ritual drink produced from the decoction of two native plants from the Amazon rain forest: the vine Banisteriopsis caapi (Jagube) and leaves of Psychotria viridis (Chacrona ). The drinking ceremony is full of great spiritual symbolism and considered the production of a sacrament.

The goal of the 2011 Gaia Sul class was to help this 21 year old community find new design solutions. The Gaia Sul class aimed to do this through maintaining an honest dialogue with the community while developing a design which would take into consideration the unique needs of the community, within the EDE’s 4 dimensions.

Through soliciting participation & involvement from the Community, obstacles and differences in worldview were overcome and finally, Comunity Céu Do Cruzeiro Do Sul were confident and excited about Gaia Sul 2011’s initial proposals.

Project Details

Country: Brazil

Programme: Gaia Sul

Year: 2011


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