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Design Studio

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Starting 10 Jul 2017 Duration of course 8 weeks  
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In order for participants of the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS) online course to meet all their requirements for a Certificate of Completion they must first complete the minimum required activities in each of the fours dimensions of the curriculum: Social, Ecological, Economic, and Worldview, not necessarily in that order. Once they have completed those requirements they can join the Design Studio portion of the course and submit final project documentation to receive their certificate.

The focus of the design studio is to get you to think about and practice integrative whole systems design, go through the experience of co-designing with others to create a detailed project proposal and design, and to recapitulate and integrate what you have learned in the course so far. The best way to test and revise what you have learned is trying to apply your new knowledge in the collaborative design project we will invite you to engage with in the Design Studio.

This is good preparation for professional practice, as such international on-line collaboration is more and more becoming the norm rather than the exception of how collaborative design projects are co-created and evolve over time.

The Design Studio facilitator will assign students to groups of three to five people to work on a case study proposal presented by one of the students in the team, or on a scenario provided by the facilitator for the purpose of this exercise. If the design comes from a student, he or she will be asked to also be the project promoter, and supply all needed data. The teams will choose their team leaders.

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  • Recall and apply contents presented in the four dimensions of the course into a holistic design project, in a small team context
  • Develop analytical skills that can apply to consulting and practicing sustainable design
  • Engage with stakeholders to identify entrepreneurial opportunities for applied regenerative systems design
  • Demonstrate the needed organisational skills to deliver clear and professional-looking digital design portfolios in a geographically dispersed small team context


You will have 8 weeks total to complete your design studio project and present it to your facilitator.


Three live online sessions
The facilitator will schedule three live session to check in with each team during the Design Studio. It is highly recommended that all team members attend these live sessions. During those live sessions the facilitator will ask you to report on your team progress with the project and give advise and suggestions as appropriate.

Weekly reflections
In addition, you will be asked individually to participate in drums to reflect on what you have been working on, what questions or difficulties have come up for you, what are your growing edges in design, and what new insights have you gained. The facilitator will monitor your entries to asses the level of involvement of each team member.

Facilitators’ feedback
All four facilitators of the 4 dimensions will read and offer their comments on their specific dimension to give you feedback and help you to learn from the experience. Gaia Education reserves the right to display selected projects as examples of course outcomes in its web site. This document should be received by the Design Studio facilitator as indicated in the virtual classroom by the last day of the course, or as otherwise arranged with the facilitator.