GEDS Course Objectives E-learning programme

The Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS) programme is a transformative learning experience that delivers knowledge and ways of thinking about the principles and practices of sustainable communities and projects design. Its objectives are to develop the skills necessary to design for economic wellbeing, social justice, regenerative environments, and systems thinking skills. It was created to serve the purpose of educating for the transition to a system-wide sustainable culture – broadly global in scope yet determinedly local in application. It focuses on the fundamental themes and frameworks addressed in the areas of sustainable community development.

The GEDS curriculum can be described as ‘holistic’ – meaning that it endeavors to present the multi-faceted spectrum of sustainability as a comprehensive, interdependent whole. The programme is application-oriented and solution-based and is meant to respond to the needs of real people in real circumstances in a rapidly changing world.

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