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The Four Dimensions in a nutshell

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Social Design

Module 1: Building Community & Embracing Diversity
Module 2: The Art of Compassionate Communication
Module 3: Facilitation Skills: Decision Making & Conflict Resolution
Module 4: Personal Empowerment and Leadership skills
Module 5: Celebrating Life: Art and Creativity
Module 6: Local, Bioregional and Global Outreach

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Economic Design

Module 1: Shifting the Global Economy to Sustainability
Module 2: Making Money our Servant rather than our Master
Module 3: Right Livelihood
Module 4: Social Enterprise
Module 5: Legal and Financial Issues

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Ecological Design

Module 1: Whole Systems Approach to Ecological Design
Module 2: Appropriate Technology: Water
Module 3: Organic Agriculture and Local Food
Module 4: Appropriate Technology: Energy
Module 5: Green Building & Retrofitting

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Module 1: Holistic Worldview
Module 2: Listening to and Reconnecting with Nature
Module 3: Awakening & Transformation of Consciousness
Module 4: Personal Health, Planetary Health
Module 5: Socially Engaged Spirituality course outline

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