GEDS What you get E-learning programme

GEDS Course Outcomes:

After completing all requirements for the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Gaia Education for 400 hours of study. The certificate asserts that you satisfactory completed the course and are a trained sustainability designer. Beside receiving a certificate to boost your credibility for your ongoing work, you may also be able to transfer to a degree program with our partner university, Goddard College, in the USA, or to other degree track institutions that recognize the academic value of the GEDS (check with admissions department).

This certificate confirms that you have completed training in:

    • Principles of sustainable community design
    • Major frameworks for sustainable community development
    • Leading edge theory of social, ecological, economic and worldview concepts of sustainability
    • Processes for transitioning your community or organization towards sustainability
    • A Design Studio practicum

At the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Position yourself in the sustainability field
    • Advance your current career with sustainability frameworks
    • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of Design for Sustainability
    • Apply Design for Sustainability skills in key jobs related to sustainable community development
    • Network with other sustainability world workers
    • Add weight to your sustainability knowledge in your resumé
    • Continuously learn and improve your knowledge of sustainability over time

You will also gain skills that will help you to:

    • Address pressing issues of sustainability on the global, regional, and local levels
    • Demonstrate proficiency in systems thinking
    • Integrate new knowledge, attitude, and skills into your personal and professional life
    • Describe sustainable practices in the four dimensions of sustainable communities (social, ecological, economic and worldview)
    • Contribute with unique sustainability perspectives on projects and teamwork
    • Apply Design for Sustainability strategies in the public and private sector
    • Identify where YOU can best contribute to the field of Sustainability

During the GEDS online course you will receive:

        • A Course Handbook describing all course requirements for certificate, plus faculty bios, methodology, course background, administrative details, and guidelines.
        • 5 training documents in the form of textbooks, one for each dimension plus the Design Studio, with reading, latest research, examples, links, handouts, and additional resources.
        • 5 Student Guides, one for each dimension plus the Design Studio, with description of each dimension’s objectives, learning outcomes and timeline, plus a set of activities for each module of the learning journey.
        • Login information to the virtual campus, where you can access classrooms, forums, design teams, direct communication with tutors, sample materials, all learning materials and activities for certificate, and social media related to the course.
        • Orientation to the virtual campus
        • Full technical and academic support to go through the virtual course and achieve all learning outcomes.