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Course Format: online/internet based
Starting: 6 March 2017 Duration of course: 8 weeks Fee: £297
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Are you ready to create a new story of prosperity?

Do you believe that the vast majority of people share with us the burning desire to live in a world that is more inclusive, participatory, just, peaceful, and sustainable?

Do you believe that if our political and financial establishments cannot provide that, then we have a responsibility to create it ourselves, with an open mind and heart, collaborating with political and economic decision makers?

If you do, then our e-learning programme is your opportunity to learn how to thrive rather than simply survive. We’ll help you to understand in simple terms how the story of economics is not what it seems and the available alternatives.

We’ll open you up to new, more prosperous paradigms and solutions while equipping you with the tools to embrace these new possibilities. You’ll learn how you can work to live, finding more meaning and purpose, rather than simply live to work.

You’ll learn about economic resilience, greater serenity and connection to others, while reducing unnecessary material dependency and the personal separation it causes.

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