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Starting 8 May 2017 Duration of course 8 weeks  
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"Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them." Albert Einstein

“The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.”  Joanna Macy

Einstein warned us that we cannot expect to solve the converging crises we are facing within the same mind-set and way of thinking that caused these problems in the first place.

We need to learn to question our basic assumptions and learn to ask deeper questions that help us to transcend and include multiple perspectives, if we hope to steer humanity into an uncertain future with wisdom, foresight and precaution.

The Worldview Dimension of this course invites you to become more conscious about how your own worldview and value system affects your perceived needs and how it informs the way you might propose and design solution in any given situation.

By identifying a series of valid perspectives, worldviews and value systems and putting them into context with each other, rather than seeing them as mutually exclusive or contradictory, we are taking the important first step to being able to facilitate the complex multi-stakeholder dialogues upon which the local, regional and global transition to sustainability and regenerative cultures will depend.

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After completing the Worldview Dimension, students will be able to:

  • summarise the main characteristics of the dominant worldview and explain how its spread was closely linked to the development of Western science with its focus on the quantifiable, measurable, and predictable;
  • explain how over last century, first physics, then chaos and complexity theory, and more recently earth systems science and biology have revealed a fundamentally unpredictable complex reality in which we participate and intervene perpetually;
  • name a series of practices that have been used by effective change agents to reconnect with the natural world and gain strength and insight from activities like meditation, council, vision fasts and/or solo-time in nature;
  • structure a multi-stakeholder engagement process in a way that integrates multiple perspectives into a shared whole systems understanding of any collaborative project they work with;
  • design for whole systems health using health as an integrative framework that helps us to foster systemic wellbeing and resilience at local, regional, and global scale.

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The Worldview Dimension is authored by Daniel C. Wahl with contributions by Hildur Jackson and Will Keepin


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  • A textbook with latest research, handouts, and additional resources
  • A Student Guide's description of each dimensions' learning outcomes, objectives and timeline, plus a set of activities for each module of the learning journey
  • Access to the virtual campus, where you join our classrooms, forums, design teams, direct communication with tutors, sample materials, all learning materials and activities for certificate, and social media related to the course
  • Orientation to the virtual campus, e-learning tools and the Moodle platform
  • Full technical and academic support to go through the virtual course and achieve all the learning outcomes
  • A Certificate of course completion from Gaia Education
  • Earn credits to continue onto our flagship certificated programme in Sustainability & Design
  • And you will acquire the ability and practical skills to take active steps in the strategic area of Design for Sustainability



The next round of this programme commences on the 8th of May 2017 for a duration 8 weeks and comprises 80 hours of study time.

Your investment for our Worldview Dimension is £297. This can also be taken as an integrated module within in our 10 month certificated programme in Design for Sustainability. Additional modules covered here are Social, Ecological and Economic design and Design studio. In case you are considering of undertaking the full programme, we can offer you a discounted price as a one-off payment for £997.

Our graduates have gone on to contribute to sustainability projects, build communities, become social entrepreneurs, partake in permaculture projects & bio-dynamic farming, support transition movements and much more.


Find more information of the full Sky Programme here. We will start admissions for this Dimension in early 2017.

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