Certification and Organising an EDE

Certify your Programme

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Since 2005, more than 240 Ecovillage Design Education- EDE programmes have been formally Certified or Re-certified in 43 countries on six continents.

Gaia Education has recently been invited to become a Key Partner of UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development- ESD, amongst 70 selected world-wide educational institutions.

From 1st May 2016 all certified EDEs will be invited to submit two forms in the certification or re-certification processes, with a view to receiving the joint Gaia Certification and the UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESD Contributor Seals.

If your course meets the following criteria, your organisation is eligible to receive Gaia Education certification and GAP ESD Contributor stamp:

    • A minimum of 125 contact hours (e.g. 20 course days; 6.25 hours/day)
    • A strong intention to cover all 20 modules within each of the four dimensions of sustainability
    • A minimum of 15 hours devoted to applying design methods and processes into real-life scenarios
    • A skilled team of educators with sufficient knowledge and experience and at least one who has completed a Gaia Education certified programme
    • An appropriate venue, ideally demonstrating integrated application of design for sustainable settlements
    • A commitment to complete and submit course evaluations and reports
    • A commitment to follow international branding guidelines
    • A commitment to contribute to Education for Sustainable Development activities in your region

Official certification is a privileged way of cooperation with Gaia Education. It consists in a mutual engagement to cooperate and work together in advancing education for sustainable societies while providing numerous benefits:

    • Gaia Education certification adds institutional value and international visibility to courses
    • Gaia Education certification provides access to a forum of experienced educators and designers who have been developing and updating the curriculum since 1998
    • New courses can receive mentoring by experienced EDE providers in their region, facilitated by Gaia Education
    • Host sites can benefit institutionally by adopting Gaia Education policies and branding guidelines

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Application Requirements

Applications will be accepted and processed if the following requirements are submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the application deadline:


  • A completed certification application form
  • Anticipated daily schedule of your course, including a breakdown of hours within each of the 4 dimensions and for design work; and time allocated for orientation, regular reflections and evaluation
  • One-page resume for each primary faculty, with gender indicated, with highlight of the EDE date and host site/venue where the EDE primary instructor has graduated
  • A high-resolution picture of the primary instructor with a completed EDE, in jpg format
  • 2-3 high-resolution digital images of the host site, from the inside and outside facilities, excluding people, sent separately in .jpg format
  • A brief description (60 words maximum) of the host site
  • An application fee of £200 GBP



  • A completed re-certification application form
  • Daily schedule of your EDE programme
  • Final Report of the last EDE course within the past three years
  • Participant List of last EDE course
  • Participant Evaluations of last EDE course
  • Any instructors’ bios updates,including photos, with gender indicated and with EDE place and date of primary instructor highlighted
  • If host site is different from the last EDE, send a photo and description of the new host site
  • Pdf documents of brochures, posters, institutional leaflets of the host site, etc.
  • An application fee of  £100 GBP

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Submit Your Application Form

Certification   Global Action Programme ESD Contributor   Re-Certification

For Word version of the Application Form contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Organising an EDE?

Please download and read the following documents carefully:

Interested in organising an EDE

Helpful information to understand the process for applying for Gaia Education Certification.

Organising an EDE

Programme information about staff, equipment & infrastructure, marketing, participants and a 12-month planning count down for the EDE.

EDE Curriculum

Wide range of practical application and innovative materials, ideas and tools that have been developed and tested in ecovillages, communities and urban transition settings worldwide.

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Dates to remember

Certification application should be done six months before your programme is scheduled to start. These are the dates for applying for Gaia Education's Certification:

Applications received in this periodWill be reviewed by
January 1 – April 30 June 30
May 1 – August 31 October 31
September 1 – December 31 February 28

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Inspired by Gaia Education?

Create your own education for sustainability programme and get inspired by the EDE. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to tell us more of your programme and request the “Inspired by Gaia Education” logo.

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We are excited about the ongoing development of the certification process and welcome your questions and suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information about past certified EDE´s worldwide, take a look at the Gaia Education Programmes Reports