Ecovillage Design Education Learning Outcomes

In the Social Dimension students learn...

social learning outcomes
  • to create a common vision for a collective project
  • to improve their communication skills and communicate in a more compassionate way
  • to use consensus to make decisions that everybody can accept
  • to deal with conflict and diversity – of ideas, beliefs, roles, etc.
  • to map the network of connections needed for their projects

In the Economic Dimension students learn...

economic learning outcomes
    • to assess the impact of the global economy in their projects
    • to find out economic opportunities in their projects and develop them within the frame of the social enterprise
    • to create a complementary currency
    • to create a business plan for their projects
    • to find ethical financial opportunities for their projects

In the Ecological Dimension students learn...

ecological learning outcomes
    • to make a whole-systems design of their projects using permaculture principles
    • to use base maps and other designing techniques
    • to calculate their carbon footprint and design to be carbon neutral
    • to design a whole water system for their projects
    • to apply green building principles in their projects

In the Worldview Dimension students learn...

worldview learning outcomes
    • to have a regular spiritual practice (meditation, prayer, etc.)
    • to write a diary with their dreams, insights, and observations
    • to nourish a deep connection with Nature through personal experience
    • to create rituals for the most significant moments in their project
    • to develop a healthy life style, food, bodycare, friends, etc
    • to become a world worker