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If you have received our newsletter for the first time, be warmly welcome! If you are our old friend, might have noticed that something is different?
No, in fact, everything is different; our website, the format of this newsletter, even the world.

In December 12, the global community took an important step forward with the Climate Agreement, which alone demonstrates a newly found consensus among nations finally recognising the urgency to take action for the planet. Make sure you read our account on the events and the 7 Key Facts About the Climate Agreement.

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In addition to the new look of our website, the Geese InFormation newsletter has gone through changes and been updated to be as convenient for you as possible; you can find all the articles included on our site at any time, and easily share them with others or save for later reading via the links found on the bottom of each article.

Our online Design for Sustainability course has also received some attention; all the Dimensions - Social, Ecological, Economic and Worldview - have been reviewed and updated to ensure our students are getting the latest information and most appropriate skills to respond to our rapidly changing world. The Ecological Dimension in fact is about to start in the beginning of January, and it’s not too late to join in!

Alongside the changes at the surface, much has been bubbling under in Gaia Education; new programmes are forming, partnerships being established and exciting plans for the future are unfolding in front of us. Keep visiting us to find out more about them.

On behalf of the Gaia Education team, I want to wish you all very happy holidays and the best for the New Year – may it be full of adventures, learning experiences and changes!

With Love from the Arctic Circle,
Milla Harju
Communications Coordinator