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Greece EDE

Gaia Education is happy announce six new Ecovillage Design Education Programmes who have received an official Certification.

The Universidade Federal, in Brazil, EDE started on October 10, 2015; Reserva Falun, Colombia, EDE begun on October 3, 2015; Thread Odisha, India (Re-Certified), EDE set for February 7, 2015; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Re-Certified), EDE started on August 20, 2015; El Manzano, Chile (also Re-Certified), EDE set for January 4, 2016; and Axladitsa in Greece, where the EDE is set for May 14, 2016.

Programme reports for those already finished will be uploaded soon in our reports page, and more information for those to come will be in our Current and Upcoming Programmes page!