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Ground-breaking ToT in Bangladesh

Project Based Learning programme improving sustainable food security. By May East

The Building Capacity and Empowering Communities project, launched in 2013, aims over a period of 3 years to improve sustainable food security and livelihoods of vulnerable communities of Khulna and Bagerhat, through capacity building programmes and effective climate change adaptation strategies and interventions. The project is a cooperation between BASD, Gaia Education and CIFAL Scotland, and is funded by the Scottish Government.

Its second year saw a group of previously trained community leaders enrolling in a Training of Trainers aimed to deepen their food production, leadership and facilitation skills. Through permaculture and ecovillage design approaches, the course provided community-led strategies to improve the economic and social stability of the villages, while preparing for and coping with climate change.

Participants, drawn from some of the most vulnerable communities in the region, included some of the most marginalised members within the villages. Over an intense 12 days, 14 women and 7 men have learnt and deepened practical and social skills and returned to their villages to practice and share learning with their neighbours

“ToT training provided me with practical learning on how to cultivate organic vegetables… It was very much effective for me, indeed. I am going to teach all that I have learnt to my Machmara village community.” Usha from Mongla

The ToT was conducted by Pradyut Nayek. With over 2 decades of experience as a permaculture practitioner and a consultant of sustainable living, Mr Nayek is considered one of the top permaculturalists of the region. He is a resource person of the successful Siddharth Village project in India and has collaborated in Gaia Education’s other project-based learning activities.

Participants of the ToT EDE learnt the following approaches to food growing over the 12 days:

  • Round & liquid compost
  • Garden beds: raised, diamond, nursery, pitcher
  • Fish Tonic
  • Vermi compost & wash
  • Potato and floating vegetable cultivation