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Read on the inspirational "Inspired by" EDE programmes in Myanmar

Two Inspired by programmes were carried out in Myanmar. The country is currently going through a transitional period, and people are looking for positive change and responsiveness to sustainable living and sustainable development. With the collaboration from local organisations in Myanmar and the support from Ecovillage Transition Asia (ETA) in Thailand, these courses were organised for the participants to learn about 4 dimensions (Social, Economic, Ecology, and Worldview)of Ecovillage Design Education.

Inspired by programmes are an abridged version of the EDE programme to test the EDE curriculum and materials in a region.

The Tamarind Village course was intended to be an experimental program to promote sustainable living in the fields of organic food production, holistic health, building green, conflict facilitation, communication and networking, and sustainable economy.

The course in the Lonhaw Village was a short introductory course about Ecovillage Design Education and Eco-Farming with the intention to raise awareness about Ecovillages and Sustainable Ways of Living for trainers and alumni of Inle Lake Watershed Project under Kalyana Mitta Development Foundation in Myanmar.

Download the full report from this outstanding programme here.

If you wish to organise an “Inspired by” programme in your country, please refer to visit our Certifications page.