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Three year project bringing great results in Southern Bangladesh

Last year the Scottish Government awarded Gaia Education, BASD, and CIFAL Scotland £250,000 to carry out a climate change adaptation and food security project on the Khulna and Bagerhat districts of Bangladesh. The funding is providing training for community leaders in sustainable village development, including activities in horticultural and organic vegetable production and canal fisheries projects.

A key activity of the successful first year was the adaptation of 25 houses to climate change using 12 Disaster Adaptation Techniques.The following Disaster Adaptation Techniques (DAT) are being implemented by the house-holders themselves.

  • Raise and repair base of residence by 5 feet
  • Raise toilet bases by 4 feet (3 rings 1 slab)
  • Raise court yard by 3 feet4 corner pillars and strings
  • Harvest and store rain water in 100 litre Earth Pitchers (3 pitchers per house)
  • Raise floor of cow shelter by four feet and repair. Houses without cows or goats raised the compound rather than the cow shelter.
  • Install earth pitcher for emergency food, water and valuable materials

“These techniques originated over a consultation period of 2 years when we identified 100 approaches inspired by what our forefathers were doing to save their lives and materials during natural calamities. From 100 techniques we selected 12 as the most suitable to Banishanta, Sutarkhali and Mongla villages.”
Boniface Gomes, BASD Executive Director

As we enter the second year of activities, selection of the next 25 houses will commence. Watch this space!