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Gaia Education, CIFAL Scotland & Senegal’s Guede Chantier Municipality Awarded British Government Grant.

Gaia Education, CIFAL Scotland and Guede Chantier Municipality have received over £200,000 from the British Government to help thousands of people in Senegal fight malnutrition and boost their incomes. The partner’s organisations will use the funding to build capacity of four communities in Saint‐Louis province to boost food production, repair damaged farmland and improve their incomes. The four villages Guede Chantier, Diarra, Moudouwaye and Lahel are home to 13,000 people who are almost entirely reliant on agriculture for their livelihoods. However, years of drought and intensive farming have left the land degraded and unproductive.

The project will increase food production and income generation in the long-term through the development of innovative farming and agroforestry activities. It will directly benefit 3,349 community members, especially women by increasing their economic, social, and agricultural knowledge and skills. The project will develop 150 hectares of community land to efficiently produce more food and increase local people’s resilience and capacity to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The project begun this June and will run for 3 years until March 2017. Gaia Education will be adapting the EDE and PDC curriculum to local needs and supporting capacity building activities in sustainable farming, agroforestry, the use and management of solar cookers, food processing techniques and trading strategies.