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The 2015-2016 online Gaia Education Design for Sustainability – GEDS - is in full running mode.

The course which started in October with the Social Dimension is already making a difference in the lives of participants who have established a community of learning and are eager to discover new frameworks and awareness to the social issues that affect the design of sustainable groups and societies.

This year’s Social Dimension cohort has 27 students from 18 countries from both Global North and South and all stages of development. The participants represent gender balance, and a range of ages and backgrounds.

During the initial 8 weeks of the Social Dimension participants engaged in a series of reflections and facilitated activities on key social design topics such as forming community, nonviolent communication and conflict resolution, group dynamics, governance and decision making, social justice, art & creativity.

A participant stated: “I need to tell you that I'm quite impressed with the course material so far. It's something beyond what I initially expected. Chapter 2 allowed [us] to have a real in depth discussion about our inter-personal relationship and we had some breakthroughs in our understanding of ourselves.”

The first dimension ends on December 21st, and the Ecological Dimension begins on January 4th. There is still time to register for the next modules, including the Economic Design beginning on 7 March 2016, and Worldview on 9 May 2016.

One can take the Social Dimension again next year in October, and once completing all four dimensions can join the Design Studio, where students will work in teams to design a final project to fulfill certificate requirements.

Read more about the e-learning programme here.

Goddard College-Gaia Education Partnership

The Goddard College - Gaia Education partnership combines the cutting edge of sustainability education with radical pedagogy and social justice. Students can earn advanced standing (2 credits per dimension) toward a Bachelor or Masters degree at Goddard College once they complete or have already completed the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability online certification course or a single dimension.

Goddard College an accredited private liberal arts college located in Plainfield, Vermont, Port Townsend and Seattle, Washington, the USA.