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EDE Estonia prepares the students for living in the 21st century by providing the basics of holistic lifestyle and practical tools for life-enhancing activities.

At least four sites will be hosting the course during the year, the main site being Small Footprint community in Moisamaa, hosting half of the 3-day meetings.

The eco-community Small Footprint (Väike Jalajälg) was founded in 2012 and in August 2014 moved to the current location in Mõisamaa, Märjamaa parish. They manage 30 hectares of land and several buildings that were formerly a care home for the mentally disabled and elderly. The community has 14 adult members in the age range of 29 - 65 and 6 children.

The main aim is to develop an eco-community that is a holistic model of sustainability. The community is currently developing a training and visitor centre, organic gardens, small alternative school and a day-care.

Gaia Academy (Gaia Akadeemia) operates under the umbrella of GEN-Estonia and its three main focus areas are

  • in-depth long courses (based on EDE)
  • short trainings in the area of holistic worldview and living,
  • assisting Estonian schools to adapt ideas of EDE into their curricula


Read more about Gaia Academy here (in Estonian).