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Gaia Education’s team immersed themselves into the halls of COP21 in Le Bourget, Paris from the very first day.

We settled in the Climate Generation’s Area under our partner network ECOLISE (stand B11 if you’re there!) where you are welcome to come chat with us or any of our other partners holding the space from Global Ecovillage Network and Transition Network. Our intention is to raise awareness of the concept of ‘community-led climate solutions’ which we have gained a great deal of expertise on over the past decade.

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Interfaith connection

On Tuesday May East joined a panel of “Interfaith Dialogue on Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience”, which brought inspirational climate resilience stories from Korea shared by Haeyoon Kang from Wonbulguo Eco Network, Sri Lanka presented by Athuraliye Rathana Tera, founder of Buddhist Institute Sadaham Sedana, Sweden shared by Sonja Ohlsson from Brahma Kumaris and from 'We Have Faith, Act Now for Climate Justice' group represented by Deborah Ikaroot.

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Athuraliye Rathana Tera encouraged his fellow religious leaders around the world to join him in showing the way forward towards a peaceful future that does no harm to any species.

Education Day at COP21

Gaia Education hosted an engaging curriculum design session under the auspices of UNESCO GAP Programme during the thematic day on climate change education (CCE) that took place at COP21 on Friday the 4th of December.

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Education is crucial to promote changes in lifestyles, attitudes and behavior needed to foster sustainable development and to address climate change. The objective of the day was to showcase good practices and lessons learned on climate change education.

Inspired by our EDE programmes conducted in 41 countries a group discussed learning outcomes for an Eco-temple Design Programme and for a Migrant Design Education - paving the way for actual programmes that are currently under development.

The session was joined by 16 individuals from a variety of backgrounds, each which provided an enriching input to the design process. The participants were asked to study our current Learning Outcomes and identify those who they felt most appropriate and viable for the new programmes, and suggest new ones if there seemed to be anything missing. The significance of the Social Dimension was seen as a major one, ensuring a collective understanding of all parties.

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We will be informing more about the programmes as the solidify, keep checking our website for more information!

The Weekend

Over the weekend Gaia Education moved from the Climate Generations Area in Le Bourget to the Global Village of Alternatives in Montreuil, aimed to showcase a multitude of civil society-led approaches addressing the climate, energy and ecological crisis we face.

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Orchestrated by 500 volunteers and spread over streets and squares, the Global Village gathered 200 organisations and attracted over 28,000 citizens eager to learn and be inspired by the many solutions presented.

Some of the themes included small-scale, local and sustainable farming, short supply chains, shared gardens, co-housing and shared housing, relocation of economic activities, fair trade, community-led renewable energy schemes, participatory urban planning, sustainable transportation, waste reduction, transition towns and education.

Maurice Hennequin, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Gaia Education took part in the Round Table discussion on Saturday afternoon on “From local to global, pro-climate alternative lifestyles and struggles: how to build a climate justice movement?”

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