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Ecolise at COP21 with partners

Our stall in COP21 has been very busy over the past days!

Working towards a Europe of dynamic, resilient communities with a net zero carbon footprint

Gaia Education is one of the founder members of ECOLISE - a broad coalition of European organisations supporting community-led action for sustainability and climate change. In addition to us, these organisations include Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), Transition Network, Permaculture Association, ICLEI - the Local Governments for Sustainability to name but a few.

ECOLISE holds a vision of Europe where the members of every local community have taken a lead role in ensuring local economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In order to achieve this mission, ECOLISE acts as a shared platform for learning, action and advocacy of community-based initiatives on climate change and sustainability in Europe.

Few of ECOLISE’s objectives are to raise the profile of community-based action on climate change and sustainability in Europe; to facilitate exchange, cooperation and knowledge development and sharing among stakeholders across Europe; and to strengthen the collective influence of its members in EU policy making.

Read more about the individual partner organisations, networks and initiatives on their website.