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Gaia Education hosted an engaging curriculum design session under the auspices of UNESCO GAP Programme during the thematic day on climate change education (CCE) that took place at COP21 on Friday.

Education is crucial to promote changes in lifestyles, attitudes and behavior needed to foster sustainable development and to address climate change. The objective of the day was to showcase good practices and lessons learned on climate change education.

Inspired by our EDE programmes conducted in 41 countries a group discussed learning outcomes for an Eco-temple Design Programme and for a Migrant Design Education - paving the way for actual programmes that are currently under development.

The session was joined by 16 individuals from a variety of backgrounds, each which provided an enriching input to the design process. The participants were asked to study our current Learning Outcomes and identify those who they felt most appropriate and viable for the new programmes, and suggest new ones if there seemed to be anything missing. The significance of the Social Dimension was seen as a major one, ensuring a collective understanding of all parties.

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We will be informing more about the programmes as the solidify, watch this space for more information!