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Join our Ecological Design e-learning programme starting in January with global participants from 16 countries.

This programme is particularly for you if you believe that now is the time to build a fairer and more sustainable world.

Over the 8 week course of Ecological Design you will learn how to i.e.

  • calculate your carbon footprint and design how to be carbon neutral
  • identify water cycles of an ecosystem and how to harvest them
  • compare technical differences between renewable energy sources
  • select building materials and architectural styles best suited to a specific bioregion
  • design a local food production scheme for a village or a neighbourhood

Our e-learning programme has been attracting hundreds of students to educate themselves and gain new skills to re-design their presence on the planet.

The Ecological Dimension can be complemented by the Economic, Worldview and Social Dimensions to provide a holistic understanding of sustainability and the processes leading to a transformed society. The complete programme finishes with a Design Studio in which the student will use their newly acquired skills and knowledge in real life situation.

Read more about the programme here and apply as soon as you can!

Torri ecovillage in Italy
Solar ecovillage
Findhorn ecovillage Scotland