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You might have noticed that Gaia Education’s feathers have been re-branded over the past 6 months?

The visionary behind the refreshed look is our own designer and brand expert, Alexandre Pereira, flying with us from Oporto, Portugal. Alex has been working with Gaia Education from the very beginning, and is creatively responsible for our visual brand language. He will be leading a webinar in March on the importance of branding for the 3rd sector and how to improve your projects’ visibility. Furthermore, he will present the refreshed Gaia Education brand guidelines, and the benefits of promoting a visual coherent language amongst the Gaia Education host sites and programmes.

“Like any living being, Gaia Education’s brand needs to be raised and cared with tenderness, attention and focus on both micro and macro scales.”
- Alexandre Pereira, Gaia Education Head of Branding

The re-branding process has also dressed our educational streams in new clothing; they can now be identified under the following sub-brands:

Wing programme – EDE: Ecovillage Design Education

Wing symbol EDE

Sky programme – GEDS: Gaia Education Design for Sustainability e-learning

skysymbol web

Landing programme – PBL: Project Based Learning

Landing symbol PBL

Nest programme – GY: Gaia Youth

nestsymbol web

Estuary programme – BDE: Bioregional Design Education

estuarysymbol web

Read more about Alexandre’s work here.