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Gaia Education, CIFAL Scotland, BASD are convening a international conference in Dhaka on 18 February, to share the transformative lessons learned by 42 communities during the three years of "Building Capacity and Empowering Communities Towards Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation" project funded by the Scottish Government.

The stakeholders will be sharing the knowledge and skills which have transformed their villages into sustainable settlements while strengthening their agro-ecological productivity; also showcasing the measures taken to break the cycle of food insecurity, to empower women, and enhance livelihoods.

The conference will be giving its participants an opportunity to:

  • Hear from experts from the permaculture and global ecovillage and transition initiatives on how climate-resilient lifestyles are not only possible but can be enriching;
  • Explore innovative methodologies which can strengthen food security in the context of increasingly unpredictable climate patterns;
  • Appreciate the power of communities of learning where lessons learnt can be easily replicable;
  • Recognise the importance of overarching local policies to support community engagement and climate adaptation;
  • Network and exchange knowledge with a wide range of participants and presenters from the public, NGO, agriculture and academic sectors;
  • Discuss how the SDGs could provide the framework for the continuity of the work in the region.

All enquiries about the Conference can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.