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The Economic Design Dimension of Gaia Education Design for Sustainability online course is beginning next month.

Just as the Social Design Dimension and Ecological Design Dimension have been thoroughly edited, up-dated and extended, the Economic Design Dimension has been revised, substantially expanded and re-written to include many of the exciting changes and new developments in this field over the last eight years.

Just to name a few examples, we have included new material on the International Alliance for Localization, cryptocurrencies and new complementary exchange media, social innovation, the collaborative and solidarity economy, and how to set up regenerative enterprises. Also adding very practical information on different types of sustainable business models and creative ways to co-design them.

The new version of the Economic Design Dimension invites students to question their basic assumptions about how the economy works, what true wealth is, and about our capacity to re-design our economic and monetary systems in ways that are more likely to deliver sustainability, create thriving communities and help in the transition towards regenerative cultures.

After the programme students will be able to work more effectively as agents of positive culture change in their communities and regional economies. Their deeper understanding of structural dysfunctionalities of our current economic, monetary, financial and business systems, along with an up-to-date awareness of best practice examples and new tools and processes will give graduates of this course the wherewithal to be effective catalysts of the transition towards increased sustainability.

Whether they choose to co-create a social enterprise or cooperative, work with local government in regional economic development, start a community project, or share their learning in formal or non-formal education, this program offers important theory and useful practical advise, along with inspiring examples, to enable participants to be part of the change they want to see in the world and drive the urgently needed evolutionary transformation of our economic systems at local, regional and global scales.

Read more on the online programme and apply here.