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by Christopher Kindig, FIC
One of the most important questions facing the world today is “Can humans live sustainably?” Within Reach is a film answering this in a resounding way – Yes!

Meet Mandy and Ryan, who gave up their corporate jobs and houses to travel thousands of miles on bicycle in search of a new home, while also looking within.

The film introduces you to people and communities along their 6,500 mile journey around the United States showing that there might just be a better way we can live together on this planet. It is not only possible, it is already underway!

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by Christopher Kindig, FIC

The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) is committed to helping people build strong and sustainable communities. This includes teaching about interpersonal dynamics, cooperative strategies, and alternative economic, social, and labor systems. FIC creates a quarterly magazine called Communities, maintains an online directory of intentional communities, offers a Community Bookstore of educational resources, and hosts or partners with related events.