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Gaia Education is taking actions towards forming a consortium of learning partners with the potential to link Gaia Education’s course participants with other organisations in formal or informal education programmes.

Both Gaia Education and its partner organisations advertise the programmes and education partnerships as a benefit to students, and a way of raising the profile and outreach of both organisations. In the case of our academic partners such as Goddard College, or the Open University of Cataluña, participants who successfully complete Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability Sky programme can receive credit towards a college degree (GC) or postgraduate diploma (UOC) when enrolling in those institutions.

Our partners page showcases some of our closest partnerships, showing the range of options available to our course participants if they should decide to pursue an internship or further learning opportunities in their specific area of interest. These partners give our course participants access to communities and organisations working on sustainability issues and community transformation globally by offering engagement through action learning and experience while tackling important real-life sustainability issues.

In turn, people of all ages who engaged with our partners can receive discounts and other benefits, such as connecting with a community of learners, gaining new skills and experiences, immerse themselves in a sustainability project, develop key leadership qualities, and create their own study schedule when joining a Gaia Education online course. Thus having the possibility of combining community based learning and personal transformation with a rigorous academic approach while creating new learning channels that accelerate the movement towards sustainability worldwide.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and orientation on how to engage in our learning partnerships.