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A Brand is very much like a living entity. Gaia Education as a brand has been evolving during its journey over the past decade of education in the six continents.

“When we build a brand, we’re in the same path as raising a child. In order to do this with success, we must understand that this depends on the collaboration of many people, and the cooperation of many different competences that are needed to put together. To build this culture, we need to feed it, with love, with mindfulness and strong willingness, to take care for it, and follow the steps of this ‘child’s’ growing process.
The success of a brand depends on how this 'child' is raised. To raise this brand, we need to understand the basic elements of is visual personality - it’s Corporate Identity, and how to use it in Gaia Education Communication tools.”

In 2005, I had the privilege to be invited by May East to start the journey with Gaia Education. When May was invited to lead the organisation, she witnessed a flight of a flock of geese in the evening sky in Findhorn, which inspired her to start the development of Gaia Education. At the time, I was taking the first steps into a new holistic approach on my personal and professional life. After a transformative summer - visiting a retreat the South of Portugal and Tamera Ecovillage - I noticed that, over the months, I had been drawing nothing but birds and had developed quite an impressive graphic diary full of them. The significance of these drawings did not appear to me until I receive May’s briefing; the proposal to develop a brand that could symbolise the core group called the “GEESE” - Global Ecovillage Educators for Sustainable Earth. This is when I realised that the birds I had been drawing in my sketch book all summer were the first draft of the brand identity of Gaia Education.

The Brand was established and shared with the world at the beginning of 2006, together with the quote (above), which I wrote in the basic brand guidelines book in order to contextualise my vision of the brand. Ten years later, while working on the Gaia Education +10 Report, I had the chance to look back at the amazing flight this brand had taken in the world, contributing to more sustainable and resilient communities emerging on our planet. The Report also marked the beginning of the re-branding process.

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I would like to give special thanks to all my colleagues that have been taking care of the brand over the past 10 years. Their energy, dedication, personal commitment and professional skills have made it possible for the brand to get where it is now. The Updated Brand language is reflected in all our communication and design tools developed over the last few months - such as the new website. At this moment in the brand’s evolution, the words I wrote 10 years ago are still relevant for the next steps of the brand.

The main purpose of the new Brand Guidelines is to assist the Geese community in accomplishing our mission and implementing the vision by acting as a clear visual tool, guiding on the use and application of the brand elements in all Gaia Education-related communication and design. This will also contribute to accomplishing their main goal; to make it another remarkable and memorable ten years to come.

In order to understand how a Brand works, develops and shapes the organisation as much as we shape it, Gaia Education is launching a Brand Webinar to give you the chance to discover the ecosystem operating underneath.

This Free Webinar will give you a chance to learn about Gaia Education's Brand history, what a Brand is exactly (and the difference between a logo and a brand), how to use the Brand tools in your communication and design materials, and to share the vision to the Brand evolution in the next decade, in order to achieve one of our main Brand purpose – to be recognised as the organisation that is able to deliver a most transformative educational programme in design for sustainability in the World.

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by Alexandre Pereira - Gaia Education's Head of Branding, who will be leading the Brand Webinar on Wednesday, 23rd of March at 2pm GMT. Sign up here!