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In the Podor Region of Northern Senegal, poor land-management coupled with adverse effects of climate change have led to severe soil erosion, infertility and pest susceptibility.

Gaia Education, CIFAL Scotland and Le Partenariat have been implementing a 3 year project in the region funded by UK Aid. The aim is to bring an integrated capacity-building approach to empower 4 communities Moundouwaye, Lahel, Diarra and Guédé Chantier suffering from a highly degraded natural environment.

By nurturing the villagers’ skills and knowledge in permaculture, agroforestry and sustainable settlement design, the project is empowering women and men to ultimately ensure food security and increase income generation.

Women have been increasing soil fertility, developing effective water management systems and ensuring crop protection through natural herbicides and fish tonic. Villagers have gathered actionable knowledge in agroforestry with outstanding results; each village has now its own nursery, using recycled plastic containers to bring up seedlings to be used as trees for farming in the future.

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by May East, CIO Gaia Education