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Gaia Education is working on the edges all around the planet, building capacity and increasing environmental sustainability.

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What is the Edge Effect? Watch our latest video to find out more...

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As you will see at the end of the film our “Living Memory” initiative aims to enable communities to capture the transitions and changes they make through time. We believe it is vital as a means of inspiring and preserving tradition and skills through generations. To create this legacy we need your help and support in raising the necessary funds to purchase equipment to film and edit the “Living Memory” material. Every bit counts so whatever you are able to donate will go toward making a difference.
Thank you for your gift.

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Gaia Education action-oriented and solution-based programmes responding to the needs of people in real circumstances in a rapidly changing world.
In Partnership with BASD, Oficina da Sustentabilidade, Le Partenariat, University of Catania, THREAD, UK Aid, Scottish Government, UNESCO Global Action Programme, Gaia Trust and CIFAL Scotland.