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Maheswar Jani, a tribal boy from Kudipadar village, in the district of Odisha, India, was diagnosed with anemia two and half years ago.

The doctor referred him to a private clinic, which due to restricted financial capabilities he was unable to attend. Instead, the doctor prescribed pharmaceutical medication, which unfortunately did not improve Maheswar’s condition but instead it kept deteriorating, causing headaches and making him lose weight, consequently becoming very weak and prone to blackouts.

Despite of his condition, Maheswawr took recently part in ‘Grow Your Own Food’ project in Siddharth Village, Odisha, during which he became aware of ‘multivitamin trees’ (also known as Lambsquarters, botanical name Chenopodium album), which he purchased from the Team for Human Resource Education and Action for Development (THREAD). In spite of the fact that the plant is also considered as a weed in some regions, the beneficial qualities are recognised by THREAD and once learning about Maheswar’s condition he was instructed to take the leaves for 15 days. After the period he discovered his strength returned, started feeling energetic and was able to return to work.

After a check-up in the hospital, the doctors were surprised to discover his blood levels returned back to normal and to such level that he was even able to donate blood. His remarkable story was shared with other doctors in the area who came to visit Maheswar’s village and carried out more tests confirming the miraculous results. Impressed by the recovery, the doctors were eager to take Lambsquarters with them to be shared and planted in their own regions.

Maheswar is now keen to share his story with all anemic patients and encourage them to consume the ‘multivitamin leaves’ of Lambsquarters instead of taking artificially produced medication to improve their condition and enhance the quality of their life.

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Anemia is a condition that develops when your blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. Read more about it and the symptoms here.

Read more about the 'multivitamin leaves' of Lambsquarters here.

Grow Your Own Food project is part of Gaia Education’s Project-Based Learning programme running in Odisha, India, funded by the Scottish Government.