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May East's article on energy's role on sustainable development is highlighted in the 'UN Special' magazine.


The most recent edition of the United Nation's Civil Servants' magazine featured an article by Gaia Education's CEO and UNITAR fellow May East this week.

The article "The golden thread that connects the three dimensions of sustainability" highlights the role of energy as an economic opportunity to ensure sustainable development across the globe.

In September Gaia Education in collaboration with UNITAR and Strathclyde University will be launching an online programme 'Renewable Energies for Developing Countries' which will give a comprehensive overview of renewable energy as a means to enable sustainable development in developing countries. It will present the case on how renewable energies represent at the same time an environmental necessity and an economic opportunity.

The programme supports the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4ALL), which aims to provide universal access to modern energy services; double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency; and the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

Read May's complete article here.