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Education is a golden thread weaving the colourful fabric of the Global Goals together

The Sustainable Development Goals signed by 193 countries last September in New York are humanity's collective response to scientific evidence that we have started to breach planetary boundaries, addressing the global humanitarian issues in the modern world.

One of the most fundamental challenges of the Goals is to address inequality and injustice - i.e. gender equality, modern slavery, each individual’s right for education and climate justice, only to name but a few issues.

The challenges are global in scale and inter-connected; gender equality is essential to ensure girls’ access to education which has been shown to have links to reduce modern slavery - human trafficking and sex work. Climate justice on its own is certainly a multifaceted issue, but one of its lose ends cannot be caught without fair distribution and management of natural resources, which often are exploited in the least developed countries. This would also result as a domino-effect on reducing poverty and modern slavery in these areas.

Education is linked to several goals; it is generally agreed that the universal answer to tackle poverty, injustice and even climate change lies in education and empowerment. Gaia Education is committed to UNESCO’s Global Action Programme by ‘Accelerating sustainable solutions at local level’, indicating that our work provides education which precipitates from bottom-up, equipping individuals and communities with such mental and physical skills which eradicate the root causes of poverty and injustice.

Read more about our work in the developing countries here.

Read the United Nations’ latest report on the status quo as we embark on the path of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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UNESCO = United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation