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By Penelope Reyes

Last weekend I was lucky to witness the most synchronistic event while visiting Tamera Ecovillage in Southern Portugal. Just five minutes before I was about to depart, I spoke to a lady who introduced herself as Esther Fuchs from Lake Constance, Switzerland.

The name of her place of residence rang a bell and I mentioned an Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course that was recently held at Schloss Glarisegg Castle, in the very same area where she lives. To my surprise, she told me that her son Raphael was indeed one of the 53 participants of the EDE, which was held in January 2016. What is more, is that the reason why she was in Tamera was because she was deeply inspired by her son’s transformational experience during the EDE and she wanted to explore this ecovillage her son had told her about.

Esther was also keen to share a first-hand insight into the Schloss Glarisegg course rhythm as she was briefly able to take part in the programme during a surprise-visit at her son’s birthday. With the help of the course organisers, she and her daughter dropped-by and stayed for six hours listening and observing the course. She was impressed by the professionalism of the course organisers and learning methods, and most of all by the positive energy the programme embodied within.

After two months, Esther re-visited the Schloss Glarisegg castle. During the visit she met an old castle-keeper and after talking with him learned that the EDE course had also had a very positive effect on the castle itself, the local community and the town as well.

Indeed, life has many beautiful surprises, and last weekend it was offered through the gift of being able to experience the Schloss Glarisegg EDE through the eyes of a mother.

schloss glarisegg

Schloss Glarisegg in Switzerland

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About Schloss Glarisegg
Schloss Glarisegg was recently awarded the Gaia Education and UNESCO Global Action Programme double certification for a new EDE course they will be hosting in 27 January – 24 February 2017. For course details read more here.

About the Author
Penelope Reyes works as the Certification Coordinator for Gaia Education.