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Few places still remain in the EDE modules in Wongsanit, Thailand

Ecovillage Transition Asia and Wongsanit Ashram in partnership with Gaia Education are holding a Buddhist Leadership Training programme incorporating the Ecovillage Design Education. The entire EDE is spread over a 3-month period from Sept to Nov 2016.

The programme contains 9 modules including Worldview- mindful facilitation, inner growth, leadership, neuroscience, the global challenge and the paradigm shift, Social- conflict resolution, compassion, education for change, empowerment Ecological- the ecological crisis & slow food movement in Japan Economic- political-economic, structural violence and alternatives, right livelihood

Each module is several days long and can be taken separately. The course is held in English with leading edge Thai facilitators. The ecological dimension is led by Japanese Professor Keibo renowned for his work with the Slow Food movement.

In January to February 2017 there will be additional modules to deepen the learning in Buddhism, gender and social justice, key revolutions and reforms in human history, self-knowledge and leadership from within, community organising for empowerment, participatory management skills, deep ecology and a vision quest. From 20 February to 3 March there will be a Gaia Education Training of Trainers.

The modules are open to non-Buddhists who subscribe to Buddhist values: compassion, non-violence, equality and contentment. If you are interested, or know anyone who is, please get in touch for more details.

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