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The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Palestine delivered a full month of learning, sharing and empowering in a community setting. The village of Farkha, located 36km north of Ramallah, holds the great promise and vision of becoming a model community of sustainability in the West Bank, in spite of the many challenges faced under the current political situation. Farkha is a village of around 1,500 people known for their spirit of volunteering and communitarianism, and is now looking to transform from a traditional village to an ecovillage as a response to Climate Change. The EDE course supported and nourished this dream, and allowed the participants (including the Mayor of Farkha, Baker Qambaz, and some other local activists) to design their pathway into a more sustainable and response-able community.

The course was led by Kosha Joubert and a team of local teachers and practitioners who presented and shared relevant best practices in the region, that the participants can replicate all over Palestine. The participants came from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds, from students to retired farmers, from grass-root activists to University professors.

During the EDE, the students worked on water retention techniques, compost raised beds and other permaculture methods, and built a compost toilet. They also held an afternoon activity for the local children, educating on recycling, upcycling, waste separation and community building.

During the second part of the course, the organisers held an Open Day, where partner organisations all over Palestine were invited to present their projects, exchange seeds, and get to know the students and the demonstration farm in Farkha..

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