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by Global Ecovillage Network

Are you someone who is positive, optimistic, and solutions-oriented? So are we! Swedish friends, this is your last chance to apply for a year of European Voluntary Service in the Global Ecovillage Network office in Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland. Ecovillagers and those looking to increase their engagement most welcome.

Amazing opportunity? We think so too. If you want to apply right now, send Tom your CV and a cover letter explaining your interest and motivation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To learn more, read on.

GEN is seeking interns that are interested in supporting the Global Ecovillage Network as a surging movement around the world, helping communicate with our friends and work on our priorities from our office headquarters.

a) Internal and External Communications - This includes developing ways to showcase different ecovillages, developing networks and publicity materials related to the respective ecovillages. This latter task will have particular relevance to the upcoming COP22 negotiations as we are doing a lot of work at the UN/international level to present ecovillage transition as a part of an international strategy to combat climate change. Post-negotiation publicity and communication will be crucial to maintain our strategies in the limelight if we hope to gain traction for our proposals with a number of governments and multilateral organisations.
b) The Solution Library and IT - This will have a particular focus on developing our Solution Library as a resource for ecovillages to record various innovative solutions developed within their ecovillages. This is one of the first access points for individuals interested in the 4 dimensions of sustainability and ecovillages across the world and therefore we'd like to focus much more on developing this into a firstclass and useful resource for all.
c) Education, Consultancy and Outreach - This area will focus on educating about ecovillages, and bridge GEN's network activities. This person will work closely with our Education Director and will become adept in developing educational tools aimed at engaging the public in the ecovillage movement. This will also include some specific fundraising activities.

All volunteers will become integrated within Findhorn life through daily participation, and a number of varied activities. Additionally, you will participate in gardening activities in the community, various educational courses run by Findhorn and GEN, and will learn about all aspects of living in an internationally renowned and transformative ecovillage.

Ready now? Send that CV and cover letter to Tom at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to receiving your application today! Good luck and thanks for your engagement.

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