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by Milla Harju

You might have noticed that Gaia Education is currently growing in scope and reach; we have indeed recently extended our presence in the world in to the 43rd country, Cameroon, who offered its first Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) programme this month.

We have also launched two new e-learning programmes; Designing for Sustainability – Introducing the Big Picture of Co-Creating a Thriving Future, which is a 15-hour self-paced programme which can be taken at any time; and Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development which we have developed in collaboration with Strathclyde University and are offering in cooperation with United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

In order to support this growth the Gaia Education team has welcomed two new members to our Management team: Jesper Conrad and Mandeigh Wells-Ali, who have brought expertise to the team in digital marketing and project management.

Jesper is located in Copenhagen, Denmark where he lives with his wife and four children. He has extensive work experience and knowledge in increasing attraction and generating traffic to websites. He has held leading positions at the three biggest websites in Denmark and has international experience through his previous projects. Jesper and his wife have created – an online magazine which focuses on living and learning while travelling. Jesper holds an Academic Foundation Degree in Business Innovation and is also an author to 20 children’s books.

Mandeigh lives in Moray and works from Findhorn ecovillage in Northern Scotland - Gaia Education’s birthplace. She has a long-standing passion for the natural world and our place within it. She has been actively involved in the third sector for a number of years, supporting organisations with marketing and business development, event and project management. Mandeigh is a graduate of the University of the Highlands and Islands, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainability as well as qualifications in communications, agriculture, environmental conservation and fine art.

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