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The Applied Ecovillage Living (AEL) course will take place from February 13 to March 11, 2017, at the famous and vibrant 54 year-old Findhorn Foundation and Ecovillage.

Throughout the course, you will be given the opportunity to discover the whole community as a classroom, with its plethora of organisations, projects and initiatives. Students will be fully immersed in the ecovillage and its rhythms, as well as the dynamics of the local Scottish area that has benefited from this community.

Participants of the Applied Ecovillage Living course are invited to perceive the experience through the lenses of Permaculture’s Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share and Holistic Design, while being exposed to cultural diversity, rituals and practices. They will learn to master the necessary space and practical tools to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to their everyday lives.

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Be immersed in the Ecovillage and the surrounding area

Article by Penelope Reyes

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