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'Responding to Climate Change begins on the benches of schools'

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This year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP22, held in Marrakech, is now in full swing. Today, 14th November 2016, UNESCO is showcasing a number of events to promote Education as the crucial piece in the global puzzle of fostering a response to climate change. The idea runs in line with Article 12 of last year’s Paris Climate Change Agreement (COP21), as well as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 13.

"Responding to climate change must start with each of us, with the ways we think and act, our attitudes and behaviour. This begins on the benches of schools and calls for new approaches to learning, driven by political will and resources to reorient education systems towards sustainability." - Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

It is our mission, here at Gaia Education, to fulfill this increasing need to reorient international learning towards Sustainable living, with the aim to redesign humanity’s presence on Earth, one local community and bioregion at a time. Through our online course on 'Design for Sustainability', we offer each and every individual the chance to discover the four pillars of Sustainability: Social, Economic, Ecological and Worldview, through an expertly developed complete and applied curriculum. The course provides a deeper understanding of integrative whole systems design, analytical abilities, design thinking skills, and a wide range of methods and practical tools to nurture critical and empowered students.

"[…] Reconsidering the way we teach, renewed focus on training teachers to ensure they understand climate change and its implications before they stand in front of a classroom." - Aaron Benavot, Director of the GEM Report.

Transformation in Education can only happen if we transform those who provide it. Gaia Education's Training of Trainers (ToT) course is answering this international demand for qualified educators and facilitators. We are embarking on a path of expansion and a virtuous circle of building capacity to pursue the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at local level.

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