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Festival Gaia Brazil+10

by Giovanni Ciarlo

In November, the quiet meditative ecological reserve and retreat center of Paraiso na Terra, located near the Brazilian capital, was host to a Gaia Brazil 10 year Celebration and Festival that will go down in Gaia history as a significant new development for the growing numbers of Gaianos in South America.

Watch our Video and get a true feel for what this is about.

This celebratory event was the first Gaia Brazil Festival and Network Council. Gaianos, people who have participated in an EDE course in Brazil, have been Gaia Education partners from its very beginnings, and it is also where some of the first EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) courses were pioneered in 2006. It is no surprise that certified EDE courses have spread throughout Brazil, reaching every corner of the country, from urban favelas and rural ecovillages, to deep into the Amazon and universities.

The festival took a step closer towards forming a national network of Gaianos and is also the first such regional network to emerge from the 43 countries where Gaia Education certified courses have taken place.

This truly marks a historical moment, and those present could feel the opportunity and responsibility it carries. The three days together were filled with celebrations, facilitated sessions, small group discussions, sharing of information, and collective visioning.

May East and Giovanni Ciarlo travelled to Brazil in representation of the staff of Gaia Education and in solidarity with the Brazilian network.

A group of about 30 organisers of EDEs in Brazil met the day before the event to set the tone and explore topics for the emerging network. More than 80 people arrived on the first day, representing all ages and backgrounds. They came from the four corners of Brazil to be part of this historical gathering.

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