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Birth of an Earth Healing Network in the Fertile Crescent, Anatolia & Western Asia

by Pupak Haghighi

With thanks for the support we received from Gaia Education, the Earth Healing team was able to hold seven webinars during September and October in 2016 to complement the planned Earth Healing Gathering in the city of Tatvan in Eastern Turkey.

The 1st Session ‘The Dream of Our Region’, facilitated by May East, yielded numerous potent seeds to cultivate a future in our bio-region capable of regenerative cultures, agro-ecology, economy, and social-ecological wellbeing. The 6th Session, ‘Manifesting the Dream of our Region’ unleashed the potential of the seeds of the first session into possible projects to be manifested in time in our bio-region. A theme emerging with vigour and enthusiasm from this session was 1001 inspiring stories arising from the land and people of the Fertile Crescent, Anatolia, and Western Asia. 1001 ecologically sound stories, 1001 committed earth-lovers, 1001 EDE graduates, 1001 earth-healing projects, 1001 eco-villages? These are all potent possibilities that has emerged from the Earth Healing Webinars, thus the true meaning of the Earth Healing Network has been activated.

Trees for Hope will call for a bio-regional Council in January 2017 with a representative from each region to start forming an Earth Healing Network in our bio-region. A pattern, a design idea has emerged organically through our Webinars. Even though the present socio-political horizons in the Fertile Crescent, Anatolia, and Western Asia is darkening with war, desolation, displacement, and oppression of civil liberties, there is a fertile ground of hope, increased connection and cooperation between people of this region taking shape. It is in this fertile and ready ground that we will scatter 1001 seeds of hope for an interconnected, abundant, peaceful and resilient Fertile Crescent, Anatolia, and Western Asia.

2017 promises the growing of our Network. We welcome your stories and projects from this bio-region to weave into the emerging Earth Healing Network.

To contribute to our network please get in touch with : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The webinar sessions are archived on:

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