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Invitation to Training of Trainers Thailand

by May East

The world is marked by a strong and creative tension. It is a tension between what is global and what is local. The global face is powerful, and seeking to be more so. But a tide is rising, steadily reinforcing the local, resulting in an increasing 'Glocalisation' as both global and local converge.

Gaia Education is answering an international call to accelerate change at local level, by strengthening the capacities of educators and multipliers to help usher in the transition of our communities- one at a time. Our next Training of Trainers will unleash your abilities to facilitate transformative learning environments and host multi-stakeholder conversations towards local platforms for learning and collaborative action.

The programme is built upon three pillars:

  • Facilitating Participatory Learning Journeys
  • Achieving the Global Goals - One Community at a Time
  • Deepening the Edge Work (check out our video)

The ToT will take place in the seaside resort of Bor Nok, in Thailand, starting on 23 February. This 10-day, content-rich, action-based course will be lead by our experienced trainers Pracha Hutanuwatr, Jane Rasbash and May East, dedicated to facilitating your journey to refining the art of world work.

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For more information and to sign up, see here

For any enquiries, please don't hesistate to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.