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Design for Sustainability - Ecological Design

by Giovanni Ciarlo

Ecological design has been defined as "any form of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with living processes." Van Der Ryn, S. and S. Cowan. 1996. Ecological Design. Island Press. Washington, D.C.

Ecological design promotes wellness in the ecosystem’s health by embracing the wellbeing of all its elements. Understanding ecosystems functions and how nature utilises available conditions in the environment to design (re)productive processes for living organisms to thrive, is akin to discovering the miracle of life. But more importantly, ecological design provides us with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to create sustainable communities and manage resilient environments.

Gaia Education online course on ecological design starts on 2nd January 2017. During the 8 weeks course participants will learn about whole-systems approach to design, how to manage appropriate water technology for their location, how to secure local food production and distribution, what are some of the available energy producing technologies for today’s world, and how to design green buildings or retrofitting existing ones. Participants learn to plan, draft, design, and secure the resources needed for their ecological restoration projects.

The Ecological Dimension of Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability course is one of the 4 key components of our online programme. The complete programme culminates in a Design Studio in which the participants use their newly acquired skills and knowledge to design real life projects.

Do you want to be able to provide intelligent solutions to the increasing ecological problems we are facing? Do you want to learn to create elegant designs carefully adapted to the bio-cultural uniqueness of place?

If you answer yes to the above questions, then becoming an ecological designer is for you. The Ecological Dimension of Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability course is one of the 4 key components of our online programme.

How about adding ecological design to your own skill set as an agent of positive change?

Visit us online to learn more about this unique opportunity to become an ecological designer, and for information on the full certificate programme.

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