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Year 2

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More participants undertake training

The second Ecovillage Design Education combined with Transition Training course was delivered to 33 community leaders, students including govt. staff of ICDS projects (Anganwadi workers) facilitated by three THREAD resource persons. During the EDE course, practical sessions were conducted in three villages Dongapaiguda, Birlaput and Semiliguda where villagers were involved and benefited from the course directly. 54 villagers participated in the six days village programme where demonstration of different kinds of manures, soil enhancement techniques, water conservation were experientially learned.

Distribution of Seedlings

A further 250 families benefited from the Grow you Own Food Programme with seedlings of Banana, Papaya, Eggplant, Drum Stick, Multi Vitamin, Tomato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mint, Turnip, Chilli, Squash, Punjabi Palak, Nukul, Kerala greens, Poi and seeds of vegetable creeper plants.


All the gardens have now the placard “Grow Your Own Food” fixed to popularize and replicate the approaches to other villages.


Preliminary harvest data May--‐October 2015 In Laxmipur, Sradha Samaj, Semiliguda village--‐ Radha Jani sold Papayas worth Rs.1500 after consumption of approx. 17 Kgs.

Taking ownership

Indigenous EDE participants conducted poster demonstration on peak oil titling “no diesel and no petrol after 2020” which caught the interest of people and media and the Grow Your Own Food Congress gathered 54 Tribal and Dalith organisations strengthening the partnership within and between federation of women’s organisations.

Connecting with SDGs

The second year activities incorporated a festival of best agro-ecological practices from the villages where the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were introduced to the tribal women. They were able to associate each one of the Goals to their reality and the SDG event was the first such outreach programme held in the region.

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