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Year 3 at Guede Chantier, Moundouwaye, Lahel and Diarra

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Milestone 1: Agroforestry Training

An agroforestry nursery was established in the garden of Mr Ibrahim- the villagers agroforestry mentor. Seedlings of mangos, spiky edge, guava, moringa, banana and cashew nut will be distributed to the 4 villages prior to the next raining season. Meanwhile Diarra’s agroforestry plot has been divided into 51 families, with the men taking the lead in preparing the soil for a combined cultivation of trees, bushes, shrubs and vegetables.

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Milestone 2: Food Processing and Preservation Training

A three day course in preserving mango using a solar dryer took place in Guede. The 20 women participants were taught the principles of selecting, preparing and drying the crop by trainer Ousmane Gueye. The method is quite involved and required the women to develop their understanding of the importance of following a complex process to achieve high quality product that will ensure the extension of value of the mango harvest as well as increasing and securing incomes for the women’s organisations. Some of the participants had previously heard about mango drying before, but none of them had been involved with the process and were all keen to learn more about drying other food stuffs.

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Milestone 3: Agroforestry Successes

Our Agroforestry project is proving a successful driver to grow your way out of food poverty in Senegal. The garden, now in an ideal state thanks to the rainy season, is providing bananas, guava, lemons, grenade, pawpaw, mangoes and sapota as well as advancing four of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


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Milestone 4: Creative Documentation for Further Learning

A series of information sheets have been developed in Pular and French to support the villagers to remember the main agro-ecology techniques they have been applying in their communal gardens.

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Milestone 5: Agro Forestry boost

200 lemon trees have been planted. 50 in Moundouwaye, 100 in Lahel's two gardens and 50 for Diarra agroforestry garden.

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Milestone 6: Women lead the initiative and inspire others

In Moundouwaye, the villagers organised a demonstration day for the surrounding villages. 85 men and women from these villages joined the day and the Moundouwaye women were keen to show the techniques they have learned to those who attended and the information sheets that were recently developed will ensure that the techniques are easily remembered.

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Milestone 7: Excess produce creates sales

The women of Diarra have started selling bananas in the village and have gained approx 70 000 F CFA in sales. At the same time they are taking about their nursery work to others and generating a lot of interest in the project.

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Milestone 8: Garden expansion

20 new women have benefited of plots in an extension of the garden in Diarra. Also a new pipe line has been installed to carry water to the other side of the garden.