Bangladesh Project-Based Learning 2014-17Climate Leadership

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12 Strategies for Transforming vulnerabilities of Tribal Communities

Gaia Education and CIFAL Scotland in collaboration with Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development (BASD) have been implementing a project to improve sustainable food security and livelihoods of the vulnerable communities of Khulna and Bagerhat, Southern Bangladesh, through capacity building programmes and effective climate change adaptation strategies.

The project was approved for funding by the Scottish Government in May 2013.

Project Milestones

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Milestones Year 1

Delivering training courses in climate change awareness, permaculture design and Ecovillage Design.

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Milestones Year 2

Further developing and growing new sites for food and water security, while strengthening communities’ resilience to climate change.

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Milestones Year 3

Increasing varieties in crop production, preserving water and surpassing domestic requirements.

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Milestones Year 4

Developing sustainable agriculture and aquaculture techniques, while increasing female particpation.



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