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Linking Food Economies and Social Entrepreneurship


Developing local food economies is a key element in Gaia Education and partners’ Project Based Learning programmes. Our projects promote integrated approaches to land management for healthier soils, nutritional yields and enhanced climate resilience. Furthermore we support communities to establish socio enterprises and local small business, aiming to preserve their unique culture, foods and ecologies and to foster greater economic vitality and diversification.

Our collaborative projects are a direct and positive contribution to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Have a look below what is currently happening in our projects across the world.

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Senegal - Increasing Food Security, Income Generation and Environmental Sustainability in the Podor Region

senegal social webAlongside developing their agricultural skills, women from the Podor region of Senegal have been learning the techniques of drying and preserving foods. Now they can ensure that excess produce can be sold on instead of being wasted.

Read more: Project-Based Learning Senegal

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Bangladesh - Building Capacity and Empowering Communities

bangladesh social webHere project beneficiaries have organised the first eco-fair where they were able to showcase and market their fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, fish, and other handmade and organic produce. Local government representatives and wider community members were shown the results of the project and observed the work accomplished to tackle climate change and improve livelihoods. The Cooperative shop of Banisanta is running very well. In the rainy season there are less organic vegetables for sale but other essential commodities are available. Average sales per day is Tk. 3000.00 and gets net profit tk. 300 per day. The logic is irrefutable: locally grown is fresher, tastier and healthier.

Find out more here: Project-Based Learning Bangladesh

Bangladesh project - Official Partnership for SDGs #SDGAction12496

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Sicilia Integra - Socio-Economic Integration of Migrants and Sicilian Youth through Organic Products

sicilia social webSicilia Integra brings together migrants and local youth through organic agriculture and the production of pasta products. The flagship social enterprise is Grani di Gaia is based at Sicily’s premier bakery Forno Santa Rita under the tutelage of master baker Maurizio Spinello. Project participants have undergone training in sustainable community and agro-ecology capacity building and are now training in-the-job at local farms and at the bakery and are now selling their branded pasta products.

Find out more about Sicilia Integra here: Project-Based Learning Sicilia integra

Sicilia Integra - Official Partnership for SDGs #SDGAction11763

Buy online: Grani di Gaia

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India - Empowering and Building Capacity of Tribal Communities

india social webThe Grow your own Food project which has developed kitchen gardens with 750 families of Four Gram Panchayats of Laxmipur Block of Koraput District was designed to increase food security, strengthen social cohesion, and enhance climate resilience. This hugely successful project reveals the potential for upscaling the vital work that enables communities to grow together. Training in soil management and agro-forestry along permaculture lines has once again enabled families to not only feed themselves with quality, nutritious food but to also generate further income from the sales of excess produce.

Find out more here: Project-Based Learning India

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