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Ecovillage Design Curriculum

Gaia Education Curriculum

The Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Curriculum has a wide range of practical application and is full of innovative materials, ideas and tools that have been developed and tested in ecovillage communities worldwide. The EDE Curriculum is available for download for free, for personal use (i.e. not for resale at a profit). EDE Copyright © Gaia Education

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The Four Keys

Gaia Four Keys

The Four Keys are four comprehensive books compiled by members of the GEESE, offering an overview of the state of the art of sustainable settlements globally. Each key covers one of the dimensions of the EDE curriculum: Economic, Worldview, Ecological and Social. They make ideal introductions to EDE, companions on the journey of an EDE course or reference books for anyone seeking solutions to the complex problems of climate change, peak oil and carbon reduction.

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Please find the Worldview Key for purchase here  |  En Espanol

Gaia Education Teacher’s & Youth Guides

Gaia Teachers Youth Guide

The Gaia Education Teacher's & Youth Guides are practical manuals for sustainability teachers, ecovillage and community design educators and facilitators who are conducting courses on the broad sustainability agenda. As well as for facilitators teaching sustainability in educational programmes that seek to inspire youth to design long lasting sustainable societies. They cover all aspects of the transition of sustainable human settlements arranged into four distinct areas: the Social, Ecological, Worldview and Economic dimensions of sustainability, making learning sustainability comprehensive, practical and fun.

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The Mandala

ge mandala web

The Mandala provides an overview of the four Dimensions of Gaia Education's Curriculum.

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Gaia Education +10 Report

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The Gaia Education +10 Anniversary report gathers together an incredible collection of programmes conducted around the world over the first decade of the charity's existance. An overall satisfaction rate of 98% is gathered from post-programme questionnaires. The Report is available via Issuu platform: view it by clicking the image.