Ecological Dimension: GEDS - English

Ecological Dimension

Join the Ecological Dimension of the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability programme. 

Ecological designers ensure that life-supporting natural functions are not only preserved but regenerated whenever possible. They work with Nature rather than against her to support the creation of life. They understand that sustainable settlement design is the creation of predominantly self-reliant, self-maintaining, self-regenerating ‘living systems’ that can support thriving communities and all their inhabitants (humans and non-humans). 

Be part of the regenerative transformation the world needs. Register below for the course that starts January 15, 2024. 

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You can upgrade for the four dimensões (Social, Ecological, Economic and Worldview) + the Design Studio and save more than 400GBP. The total will be 1000GBP, meaning it will be 200GBP per dimension instead of 380GBP.

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Ecological Dimension: GEDS - English

In the Ecological dimension you will address the following questions:

  • Why is the current impact of humanity on the planet’s life support system degenerative and how can we change this through whole-systems design approaches?
  • How can we co-create elegant solutions carefully adapted to the biocultural uniqueness of place?
  • What is the wide range of water collection, management, and ecological treatment technologies that can support us in the design of watershed stewardship systems?
  • How can we use the best of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and ecosystems regeneration to co-create thriving regional food systems?
  • Which renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and transport technologies can help us to create zero-carbon energy solutions while increasing community resilience and strengthening regional economies?
  • What range of ecological construction methods are appropriate for which kind of local conditions and how can they support regenerative development at the local and regional scale?

In the Ecological dimension you will learn:

  • To make a whole-systems design of your projects using permaculture principles
  • To use base maps and other designing techniques
  • To calculate your carbon footprint and design to be carbon neutral
  • To design a whole water system for your projects
  • To apply green building principles in your projects

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